My 10 Most Read Blog Posts… And Why I Wrote Them

About 2 years ago, I started to write about the things that were important to me. I wasn’t cool, or popular (I’m still not.) I don’t know how to sing, or dance, or play an instrument. I’m not a celebrity or a billionaire. I lead a very normal life, a life that is perfect for me. I wouldn’t consider it to be anything that anyone would want to pay attention to.

My blog began as a sort of online journal. A place where I could jot down my various thoughts on life, and if my kids ever got bored later in life and wanted to know more about me, they could search the internet and know exactly how I felt.

For some odd reason, and through the power of the internet, there were millions of others that found my ramblings on the internet as well. I quickly realized that there are people out there just like me, living very normal lives, who have extraordinary feelings and emotions about the things they treasure most in life. These people are sick of all the negativity out there and are searching for #goodness. So I wrote consistently about the things that mattered most to me. I wanted to be a voice of light on the internet among a sea of dark and demeaning voices, to perhaps bring joy into someone’s life.

So here is a list of my most read blog posts. These bring back a lot of memories for me. I hope they’ve helped you or someone you care about in some way…

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1. Quit Acting Like Christ Was Accepting of Everyone and Everything

Page views to date: 680,041 – Shares to date: 154,000

I can still remember writing this and how I was feeling when I wrote it. I was sitting in the upstairs bedroom of a house in Midway, Utah as the snow came down around me. I was tired of watching so many people think that they could just customize Christ to fit their needs instead of conforming their own lives to that of what Christ has truly asked us to become.


2. So…You Think The Book of Mormon is a Fraud?

Page views to date: 535,718 – Shares to date: 108,000

I wrote this blog in defense of the many attacks on the Book of Mormon I had seen online. As far as I’m concerned, it would be more far fetched for a person to believe that Joseph Smith could have come up with the Book of Mormon on his own than believe in the story that he told of its origins.



3. Why Mormonism’s Claim is So Crazy to People

Page views to date: 402,342 – Shares to date: 55,400

This was one of the first blogs I wrote and I was bewildered when it went viral. This blog caused me to realize that I needed to invest in faster more capable servers to host my blog. It was written from a compilation of experiences I’ve had with people who have indicated or insinuated that Mormon doctrine is nuts. In this article… I begged to differ.



4. President Monson…I Wish I Could Have Come And Held You Up

Page views to date: 340,265 – Shares to date: 109,000

This article was one of the most special. It crashed our top level dedicated servers because of the amount of simultaneous page views. It told me that there were a lot of people out there that love President Monson. I was sitting with my family, in our living room, crying and praying for this man you see below to have strength to make it through his talk. He’s done so much for the Lord, and for the church, and when he began to shake and crouch down… I couldn’t help but feel an immense amount of love for him. I wrote this blog faster than I’ve ever written any other blog – maybe 15 min. It felt as if the words just flowed onto the page to show support and love for the prophet.

5. The Logic Behind Joining The Mormon Church

Page views to date: 328,376 – Shares to date: 46,900

This blog came as a result of standing in line at Disneyland and having the couple behind us quietly rip on Mormons about how weird and illogical it is to be a Mormon. We stood in line to ride Thunder Mountain, and for those of you that have been to Disneyland before, you know how long that line can be. Needless to say, it was a very interesting 45 minutes.


6. You Should Not Leave Mormonism For Any of These 5 Reasons

Page views to date: 270,702 – Shares to date: 19,500

I wrote this because I was sad to see some friends leave the church. This post got a lot of opposition from critics of the Church. I approve almost every comment on my blog in order to give people the opportunity to vocalize a difference of opinion and have a good dialogue. This one had some interesting dialogue…


7. A Letter From A Dad To Carl’s Jr. and The Women in Their Commercials

Page views to date: 240,371 – Shares to date: 71,100

I have a Carls Jr. right next to my office… but after too many nasty pornographic commercials being snuck in between sporting events on TV, I decided to stop eating there altogether. I really liked their food so it was a bummer. This was my letter to Carls Jr. and it began a movement on Twitter that Carl’s was sure to notice. Unfortunately… I don’t think it changed corporate’s mind.


8. 5 Ways You Know You’ve Found The Right Woman

Page views to date: 212,726 – Shares to date: 8,500

The stats on this post are interesting to me. You’ll notice that there weren’t that many shares (about 8,500) but it still shows up in the top ten of page views. Here’s what happened. Not a lot of people felt comfortable sharing the post, but the search engines indexed it and a ton of people found it online by doing a Google search. There appear to be lots of guys out there trying to figure out whether or not to propose to their girlfriends…


9. 5 Things You Really Shouldn’t Do At Church

Page views to date: 196,253 – Shares to date: 15,000

This was hard to write, but I truly believe that we should try harder to be courteous of others in order to make church a great experience for everyone.


10. Give Me Something Better Than The Mormon Church

Page views to date: 179,782 – Shares to date: 26,700

I’ve had lots of people tell me that I should leave the church… but I’ve never had anyone give me a better alternative. This blog provides a logical view on Mormonism…



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