President Monson…I Wish I Could Have Come And Held You Up

If you were watching general conference this Sunday morning, your heart probably melted as you watched President Monson’s physical strength begin to fail on him in front of the entire Church. He started strong, and then all of the sudden it was as if an entire lifetime of church service came crashing down on to his shoulders.

president monson

It’s the first time that I can remember actually praying specifically for a person at the pulpit so that they would have the strength to endure. As I watched this man…this great man struggle through the last half of his message, I couldn’t help but become emotional. For me, it was as if the words he was speaking at the moment took a backseat to the symbolism of what I was witnessing, and in that moment, it was as if his spirit was speaking directly to mine.

I can’t imagine what the last couple years, let alone months have been like for President Monson. His amazing wife Frances who has supported him and been with him through everything, passed away. The world’s values are exponentially declining and effecting members of the church. He feels a responsibility to be there for them and comfort them.

It has now become commonplace for people to show up at conference to show their opposition to him in person. This sweet 88 year old man has done nothing but serve people for an entire lifetime and now has to deal with hearing the phase “the vote has been noted” over and over again every 6 months. That has had to take a toll on him.

He has had to watch three of his best friends pass away within the last few months. He’s had to speak and preside at their services, attend to their families, and is expected to be the one that is lifting others spirits. He’s had the monumental task of not only presiding over the church “short handed”, but calling three new apostles. He’s the one that mentally has to bear the scrutiny, the questioning, the speculating. All of this has had to take a toll on him.

How does a person get to sleep at night with that kind of burden…and yet here he was Sunday morning, speaking first, ramping up the strength to stand up once again and bring messages of goodness to all of those that love, respect, and look up to this Christian soldier.

I’m sitting here waiting for the next session of conference thinking about him, wishing that I could have run up there and thrown his arm around my neck and shoulders to bear the weight of his body and the weight of his worries and concerns. I wish I could have held him up like he has done for so many of us in the church for so many years.

Truly…he has worn out his life in the service of others.

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  • Weloveeveryone

    I think this speaks the sentiments for a lot of people, including me.

    • Sam


  • Jane Dunn McBride

    I thought the same thing, I wanted to rush through the tv screen and hold him up. They zoomed out at the end but I saw that he did have help back to his seat.

  • Wendilynn Kerezman

    From what I understand, he also has Diabetes. If you don’t manage it right, it can sneak up on you like that. And as you said, he’s been seriously burdened and busy these past few weeks. I was also shocked. And I’m sure millions of us added our prayers that he could make it through and be strong enough to finish. I was half afraid he’d pass out right there. But his words seem to hit me so much stronger. As if, because he was not quitting, it made his words seem so much more important.

  • Todd Galbraith

    The best way we can support him is by becoming the people he would have us become, internalizing the words of the Lord that have been spoken through him, and being a light to the world by sharing the great plan of happiness.

  • Jim Banta

    Great words my wife and I were in tears reading this and watching President Monson’ energy slowly slipping away.


  • Jared Danis

    28 I say unto you that I have caused that ye should assemble yourselves together that I might rid my garments of your blood, at this period of time when I am about to go down to my grave, that I might go down in peace, and my immortal spirit may join the choirs above in singing the praises of a just God.

    29 And moreover, I say unto you that I have caused that ye should assemble yourselves together, that I might declare unto you that I can no longer be your teacher, nor your king;

    30 For even at this time, my whole frame doth tremble exceedingly while attempting to speak unto you; but the Lord God doth support me, and hath suffered me that I should speak unto you, and hath commanded me that I should declare unto you this day, that my son Mosiah is a king and a ruler over you.

  • Eduardo Santana

    Then, let us all be united in following his words as the words of the Lord:

    Keep the Commandments, Seek the Holy Ghost, Avoid sin, Repent and Strengthen our testimonies, so we can become a better Example of the believing in Light, Word, Charity,
    Spirit, Faith and Purity.

    I love president Monson and all in the first presidency and the quorum of the twelve

  • Jim Love

    I am not sure anyone could have better expressed what we all felt while watching that. Thank you for saying and making public what we all felt during that time.

  • J. Kirra

    I was blessed with tickets for the Sunday morning session and witnessed how heavily he was leaning against the pulpit and yes, two people did have to help him back to his seat. The majority of the crowd were sniffling and had wet eyes as we too, all wanted to get out of our seats and personally hold him up. Thomas S. Monson was amazing to carry through with his message. I am sure that our combined prayers, and the Lord’s mercy were all factors that but I believe that even though we could not be up there ourselves, President Monson was being supported…by his wife, so that he could finish.

  • Cassie Shurtliff

    I truly felt that he was being held up by angels at the end. He spoke with the power of God until he told us what we needed to hear and then angels held him up until he could close. I do agree that his responsibilities have worn very heavily on him. My prayers are with him that he may be strengthened and able to continue as the Lord wills him to. He is a great man and leader!

  • Richard

    I expect that “the entire church” was praying for President Monson as we watched him persevere.

  • obozo_the_gelded_clown

    Thank you Bro Trimble for saying what all Latter Day Saints that know Thomas Monson is a Prophet of God feel. I believe that it may have been the first time in the church’s history that literally millions of people, all of one heart and mind, and all at the same time, began praying for a speaker to be held up by the Hand of the Lord to finish his remarks. I know I did