What It Means to “Unite The Faiths” for Religious Freedom

I am a Mormon…and I work with guys of all faiths. Together…we run a company called “Belief Wear“. In our office are Evangelical Christians, Mormons, Agnostics, and guys that are into the Eastern Religions. We all get along. No… I’d take it a step further. We all love each other! That love comes because of a healthy respect of one another and for each others beliefs.

That doesn’t mean we don’t share our own beliefs with one another. In fact…those are some of our most exciting conversations. We think that people should try and share their beliefs more often. It’s enlightening to learn what others believe straight from them instead of hearing about it second hand or reading about it from some biased internet source.

But it’s tough to just bring your beliefs up to people. You’re probably not super comfortable with walking up to someone and saying “Hey there! Guess what. I believe that Jesus Christ is my Savior.” Although you might feel strongly about that in your heart…odds are you’re going to keep it to yourself.

So how can we more easily “share our beliefs” with others?

We built Belief Wear so that you could “wear your beliefs”! We incorporate beliefs from many religions throughout the world. We all believe that most religions have something great to contribute to humanity…so why not incorporate the good in allUnite the Faiths of them instead of looking down on each other. Imagine what we could be like if we would gather the good from every culture and from every religion? Well…that takes place by more people having more religious conversations and humbly sharing their beliefs with each other.

More importantly…religious freedom is under attack. It’s getting worse with time. We’ve got to unite together if we’re to stand a chance of retaining that religious freedom in the future.

If you “wear your beliefs”…you won’t ever need to bring your beliefs up to people first. You can avoid that awkward anxiety of approaching someone that doesn’t want to be approached about your beliefs. People will naturally see your shirt and ask you about it. Then…you can share your beliefs with that person because they are the ones that have asked you about it.

“Hey…Jim…what’s that tree on your shirt?”

“Oh thanks for asking! It’s a symbol of the tree of life. I believe…”

You get the idea. It’s awesome! It’s a passive way to do missionary work and share what you believe. There are so many crummy shirts out there for people to wear. Why not reverse that trend and wear something that uplifts others. We need it! An army of people that want to uplift other people by the things they do, the things they say, and the things they wear.

It’s becoming more and more important for all of us to become united. It’s ok for us to disagree on doctrines, but we’ve got to come together and unite around the principle of love and religious freedom.

That’s what we’re trying to do at Belief Wear. Preserve religious freedom through Uniting The Faiths!

Can you help?

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