The Oscars and The Golden Calf in The Wilderness

A long time ago there was a civilization that was chosen by God  to be His covenant people. God performed miracles on behalf of these people and each of them knew it. After awhile, the people forgot about God and “gathered themselves together unto Aaron, and said unto him, make us some gods, which shall go before us;” (Exodus 32:1)

So they took the golden earrings of everyone there and “made a molten calf: and said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.” How soon they forgot the God that actually saved them. And now they want to worship what? A golden calf?

The people got together and threw a huge party and “worshipped” the golden idol in their midst. Gosh humans are so weird!

oscars golden calf

Well…tomorrow you get the opportunity to watch a recreation of what happened in that Saudi Arabian desert about 3,500 years ago.

In a nation that was founded upon faith in the living God, it seem as if we’ve turned our attention to our “idols” in order to show us what happiness really is. To lead our exodus and to “go before us” and show us the way.

It’s quite interesting to note the similarities between the two events 3,500 years apart. You have “stars” or “celebs” in both eras. Aaron and Miriam and the other “leaders” were looked up to by the masses at the base of Sinai. Tomorrow, you get to listen to Doogie Howser all night as you gaze up at your TV. Try and count the light-minded innuendos. You’ll likely run out of fingers. People will sit mesmerized on their couch imagining how great life would be if only they could be like them. $15,ooo dollar dresses that don’t cover the body. $5,000 dollars on the make up to ensure that you see no blemishes. Hundreds of cameras go off simultaneously. Everyone turns and gawks, and worships.

The etymology of the word worship denotes “dignity, glory, distinction, honor, and renown”. We pay homage to these people and they become philosophers and thought leaders in our society. We sing praises to their name, just in a different way. We know them, we study them, we love them, and we strive to be like them.

And isn’t it interesting that the ultimate goal ends with the leader holding a statue that is covered in gold high above their head. Ahhhhh…the coveted golden calf has endured through all the years. It has become more popular than ever in a nation once again that was chosen by God.


After the trophy has been paid it’s respects, it’s off to the after party where drugs, contraception, and alcohol will be plentiful. Everything is fun and games until Moses comes down the mountain and delivers a hangover to the party goers. Bummer. After all of the secrets and scandals, I guess happiness wasn’t to be found within the golden calf. It’s just another inanimate object to stick on the shelf and that moment of glory has already faded from the minds of those that were so quick to worship. But none of us see that side of the Oscars do we.

But I’m just a religious zealot. What do I know.

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