President Nelson… Here’s Why I’m So Excited To Sustain You

Dear President Nelson,

I can’t imagine how you must be feeling right now. You’ve been asked to fill some big shoes and I’m sure that in the coming days, weeks, and months that you’ll be under an immense amount of pressure. This may or may not help, but I just wanted you to know that I sustain you with all my heart.

Speaking of hearts… it’s interesting that you’ve been called to serve as the prophet of the church at this time. Your entire life has revolved around fixing other people’s hearts. Literally. You performed the first successful cardiac operation in Utah and are known around the world as being one of the most important pioneers in the field of cardiology. You repaired a bad heart valve and saved the life of previous prophet and president of the church, Spencer W. Kimball. You know hearts… maybe better than anyone on this earth. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I don’t think so for a minute. Consider the symbolism and imagery involved as we live in a day in which the Lord states that “the whole earth shall be in commotion, and men’s hearts shall fail them.” You just happen to find yourself positioned in these last days to help repair those spiritually broken hearts through your teachings, testimony, and love of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

president russell m nelson

You have been saving lives, spreading the good news, and holding up your brothers and sisters for longer than most of us have been alive. I’ll never forget the feeling I had when you came to the aide of a 90 year old Joseph B. Wirthlin as he struggled to stay on his feet during a general conference.

In the not too distant past, you related a story to us about how you had been on a plane in which the engine had caught on fire, and you had begun to plummet toward the earth. You mentioned how sad you felt for a lady that was near you who was hysterical about the whole situation. As you described your plummet toward the ground…you talked about how you felt completely at peace.

That sort of composure, confidence, and humility is what each of us need in the church as we prepare for the Savior’s return. The world is like that plane, in flames, moving speedily toward destruction and it needs a spiritual cardiologist to offer calm and collected advice to those that are on that plane. There are many members of the church on that plane as well. People are struggling. Fear and confusion is everywhere, and hearts are failing. They need the Holy Ghost to “operate” on them and you will be just the man to help facilitate that operation.

I can’t speak for anyone else but myself, but I want you to know that I honor and sustain you. I don’t care what all the critics say about you or the apostles or the church. I don’t care if people lift their voice in opposition to you during the next Saturday afternoon session of general conference. I don’t care what memes come out that seek to discredit you. It doesn’t matter. My heart and soul will sustain you as a good man, and as the president of God’s true and living church. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be the only one that feels that way.

At a recent stake conference, Elder K. Brett Natress quoted you when you said “I read my scriptures to my children every day so that when my children would read the scriptures on their own… they would hear my voice reading the scriptures to them.” Now you are the Lord’s mouthpiece on earth… and I’m excited to hear your voice represent God as we prepare to usher in the return of the Savior in these most challenging and exciting of times.

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  • exmonomo

    satans true church has another prophet of fraud to lie and take your money.thomass monson says its hotter than hell hear..i must be in hell not heaven..

    • Tc Young

      Thank you for reminding this group of Christ’s believers that they are Blessed by speaking ill of them. Know that Paul, when called Saul and a devout Hebrew, persecuted the early Church but was through blindness and Devine encounter transformed in the Spirit and carried the Gospel to the vileness of Rome. As there is no shortage of vile places these days, maybe He will set you about His work. I’m sure you wont have to wear a shirt and tie or ride a bicycle but i assure you of the unwelcoming and vileness of your destination either way. I ask for your eyes to be opened, your lies replaced with Truth, and your demons purged. Until such time as your epiphany and repurposing should it come from above, you have my gratitude and lack of respect. Please understand i am not LDS myself, so blame only yourself for my rebuke and invitation to His crucible and service. Life is full of disappointments. We only get to choose whether to face them with God or without. Death is a part of life that can be extremely disapointing when faced without Him and it comes for us all. I have seen with my own eyes those clothed in a rament of light that faced death with God and they live beyond the reach of this lifes diapointments. Thomas Monson will be joining them, if he hasnt already. Will you?

    • Susan Jones

      You are entitled to your own opinion. Just as we are entitled to ours.

    • Jessica Wheadon Copier

      How does the prophet take our money? You’re either lying or uneducated. Let me help enlighten you if it’s the latter of the two. All the tithing money is divided up into a budget, which is ALL spent on the members of the church! We get to get married for free in the temple with that same money. We use the churches, hymn books, have activities, etc. and all the other things that money is spent on. It comes right back to us! The leadership of the Church pockets $0 of tithing and fast offerings, (which fast offerings go to help the poor). I sincerely hope you get real answers to your doubts before your animosity, anger and hate destroy you!

    • Hazel Metekingi-Hooper

      My Brother Please be Kind, ….we love you despite your issues…..

  • Kristine Rich Haycock

    Greg – this is perfectly said. I absolutely agree and love the symbolism you drew here. Thank you!

    • Thanks a ton @kristinerichhaycock:disqus 🙂

  • MudPieGrandma

    Amen to the echoes of my heart and mind about our Prophet, President Nelson.

  • Barbara Hernandez

    Thanks for putting into words what my heart and soul feels today.

  • Wade Oborn

    You said it all, you said it right and nothing more need be added. Good job, Greg. Thanks!

  • Becky

    I already love this man!

  • Alma Kyger

    I will sustain Russell M Nelson too! He will be a wonderful leader who represents and stands as a Witness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful to read your post and find them spiritual and uplifting. Thank you Greg. In fact your post about Thomas S Monson was read allowed in RS this past Sunday.

  • anhopiggy5

    I like it brother Greg! I like it on FB and every where else too!

  • Tiffany Larson

    I am in complete agreement, I’m excited and will always sustain you President Nelson. Thanks for sharing your testimony Greg. It is beautiful.