How One Lion Showed Us Everything That Is Wrong With Humanity

I can’t believe I’m writing about Cecil the Lion…but I saw some things under the surface that really got me thinking. I haven’t written much lately, but I’ve been reading and watching various “current events” and it makes me just about want to throw up. So forgive me for throwing up all over this page.

By now…you’re probably sick of hearing about Cecil the Lion. The Zimbabwe people are sick of hearing about the Lion as well. One local said “It’s so cruel, but I don’t understand the whole fuss. There are so many pressing issues in Zimbabwe — we have water shortages, no electricity and no jobs — yet people are making noise about a lion?” Other residents are confused at why American’s suddenly care so much about Lions…but not people.


The agitators and activists always need a cause. Cecil the Lion just became their new cause. That’ll change in a week. But for now… they post glamour shots of the Lion and the media has a field day with it. The media really doesn’t give a rip what Lion it was. They just know that Cecil is going to make them some serious money. After the media has sensationalized what took place with Cecil, guys like Glenn Beck and Matt Walsh call everyone out for “straining at a gnat, and swallowing a camel” to use the words of Christ. They come to the defense of the ignorant dentist that “didn’t know what he was doing” and go on to make essentially the same point that the local Zimbabwe residents are trying to make.”Why are you freaking out about a lion but could care less about these other horrendous things?” And you’ve got to admit they have a point.

They go on to make their point by calling attention to the recently released undercover planned parenthood videos. So I checked out one of those videos. Have you ever seen aborted fetus’s being harvested, dismantled, and then sold to the highest bidder. Nasty stuff. Seriously nasty. Doesn’t even seem like it can be real. Probably the most disgusting part of it all is that these women in these videos are talking about human life as if it was a box of legos or something.

And so I go back to Cecil the Lion…because I believe this lion situation lives at the core of everything that is wrong with humanity today. I’m not a vegetarian, or some kind of activist. Far from it.  But I absolutely hate trophy hunting and all of the consequences that go along with it. I hate to see grown men giddy at the thought of shooting a squirrel or a rabbit for no reason at all. It makes me sick to hear people talk about “how big” a certain animal was or “how many antlers” they have on their wall.

I can’t figure out what is going on in the mind of a person like Walter Palmer that would motivate him to pay $55,000 dollars just to shoot a living creature with a bow and arrow. I feel like there has to be some sort of insanity associated with that kind of behavior. Insanity…or just major insecurity. But then I’m reminded of what has happened since the beginning of time. It’s said that Cain wandered the earth for 130 years looking for anything to kill, literally becoming “a human angel of death.” This mentality was passed to the great hunters such as Ham, Nimrod, Esau and others. Nimrod in particular used to travel the earth boasting that “no animal could escape his bow.” Now I find it ironic that Cecil the Lion happens to be the victim of a modern man that is trying to prove that “no animal can escape his bow”.

Here’s the point. Our society is backwards. We fight about all the wrong things. Was it a legal hunt? What will happen to Cecil’s cubs? Should the hunter’s dental practice be shut down? Are people being to mean to Walter Palmer? All of our attention is diverted from the source of the problem. The reason behind why Walter Palmer hunts lions is the same reason that Planned Parenthood aborts any term babies and then harvests their organs. It’s the desire to turn life into property and the desensitization that comes with the desire to exercise power. In all cases, the source of the problem comes from humans being bad stewards and exercising unrighteous dominion over someone or something else. It comes when people remove God from their lives. When God is removed, then living creatures…animals and humans alike become nothing more than a box of legos. Do with them what you will. Stack them. Display them. Sell them. Discard them. Who cares.

The strength of humanity is measured by the amount of compassion we bestow upon those that are inferior. That is the great test of this life. It is the reason we were placed here. To find out what kind of stewards we would become. And humanity is failing miserably at it.

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