A Letter To The Missionary Force Of The World

Dear Missionaries,

There are a few things you absolutely must know. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in the field, riding on an airplane with a mask over your face, or already home. You need to know how special you are to this world, to your family, to your friends, and to the Savior. Maybe your mission was cut short, maybe you’re cooped up in a tiny apartment, maybe people are giving you the stink eye (even more than usual) just for showing your face in public. But no matter what, you need to know that you are a light to a world that is suffering in darkness and despair. From the minute you put that badge on your chest, you became a hope to the nations.

greg trimble

But… your mission shouldn’t end the minute you step off that plane. Give your mom a hug, eat your favorite meal, get a good night of rest and then mentally suit back up. That badge doesn’t ever have to come off your chest. It can be engrained upon your heart forever. 

It’s not time to go back to pulling all nighters with Call of Duty or endless games of Fortnite. It’s not time to go back to your old playlist or relax your standards just a bit. Your work as a missionary is not done. In fact it’s just beginning. The experiences you learned, whether your time was short or long in the mission field, should shape the rest of your lives and guide you in a direction of representing the Savior in all that you do.

There is so much you can do. Become a virtual missionary. Make videos, write songs, post on social media, find people who need help, share uplifting messages, and let your testimony be heard throughout all nations through the power of technology. Use the tools available to you not for consumption but as a missionary and ministering tool.

Some missionaries come home from their missions and figure that they’ll take a nice long break. They figure that they’ve done more than enough service to God and that they deserve to take a break. They worked hard to become the best missionaries they could during the time that they served. But the best missionaries are not those who go on a mission for a couple years or a couple months and then come home and rest. The best missionaries are those who come home, take what they’ve learned, and then apply it to every aspect of their lives. The best missionaries are they who have learned what it means to become a disciple of Christ for their entire lives and not only for two years or the span of time in which they wear that badge. The longevity of one’s post mission service to others is the ultimate barometer of how impactful and important their mission was to them. The next generation is in your hands. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is this. We owe the Lord more than two years. You are in the prime of your life. Give Him the prime of your life and give Him the rest of your life. Be an “all in” lifelong missionary and disciple of Christ. Because if you zoom out and look at life from a high level, you’ll see that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only thing holding this world together. There is no hope without it. 

I know it may seem like a lot of work. To be missionary minded for the rest of your life?!!! And that’s the irony of it all. The more you commit to God… the more he continues to bless you. The happier you will be. The more peace you will have in your life as things get continually harder. While everyone around you is falling to pieces, you have kept your mind and heart fixated on Christ and eternal things. You will live in the service of others and become immortalized by those you serve. You will become less selfish and more selfless. You will never feel like you’re not “living up to your potential” because our greatest potential is to live a life that enhances the lives of other people. That is true success. That is the heart of a missionary. 

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