This Sunday: An Extra Special Easter Sunday Sacrament Meeting

Not too long ago, the church held a special sacrament meeting during Christmas time. My wife saw it as an opportunity to invite someone that had not been out to church in quite some time.

She made the personal invite, promised that it would be a great meeting for both members and those not of our faith, and then eagerly hoped that we’d be able to sit in this meeting with this person.

We hoped and waited, and then to our excitement, a husband and wife walked in together and sat next to us in a row near the back of the chapel.

The meeting started, the meeting progressed, and messages of Christ filled the chapel. The organ played, and well-recognized hymns were sung… and as that happened, the woman sitting next to us began to weep. Almost the whole meeting… she wept.

We had no idea what was going on in her head and in her heart. We had no idea what she might have been going through. We still don’t.

All we do know is that she needed that hour and fifteen minutes in that chapel that day. By the time she left the chapel, she was beaming. Smiling from ear to ear, she thanked my wife for the invite and left for home.

We can’t comprehend the impact of just a simple no-pressure invite. Sometimes, all someone needs is a little nudge.

This Sunday, there’s another great opportunity to invite someone out to church for a special Easter meeting about Jesus Christ and His resurrection.

The best way to invite someone is through a personal invite, but the Church has also provided lots of ways to invite someone through online resources.

You could send someone this Come Unto Christ resource page so that they can find a meeting house and watch a video.

Or you can share this post so that they can watch this video:

You could also share this video with them about the Savior and his resurrection:

Every sacrament meeting is special… but this Sunday should be extra special. I hope each of you has an amazing Easter Sunday!

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