Is a “Stay At Home Mom” an “Equal Participant” in Our Economy

The moms of our nation are in a tough spot right now. It’s almost like no matter what they do…it will never be right.

I’m so sick of people trying to take the motherly instincts out of women in the name of equality. Lets just get things straight right now. Men are not women and women are not men. Some men may call themselves women and some women may call themselves men…but that doesn’t change the fact that the man is still a man and the woman is still a woman. We will never have total equality. There are many things that a woman can do that I could never even think of being able to do. We were given different gifts and strengths for different situations and circumstances. One of the gifts given to women (and not to men) is the gift of nurturing and mothering. That is not something to be ashamed of. It is something to accentuated and encouraged!


Whether you are an atheistic naturalist or a hardcore religionist, you don’t have to be a genius to recognize the difference between men and women. There is no man on this earth…regardless of his sexual orientation…that can ever replicate what a mother has. Let me say it as loud as I can possibly say it: A MOTHER’S LOVE CANNOT BE REPLICATED.

How did we get to where we’re at as a nation? How is it that we can sit around and watch while the world scoffs at and devalues the most important job on earth. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Warren Buffet…these guys pale in importance when compared to the moms at home that dedicate every second of their lives to raising good children.

Someone please tell me why it is “less-equal” or “less-noble” for a woman to stay at home and raise her kids than it is for a man to trade stocks, do taxes, or dig ditches? The world makes fun of a working dad and a stay at home mom as old school or behind the times.

The progressive media continues to “fight for equality” but they don’t realize that they are really heaping burdens upon women’s backs that shouldn’t have to be borne by anyone. I can’t imagine the anxiety of being a woman that is expected to live up to the media’s and progressive’s view of what a woman should be. They’re asking women…no…telling women to disregard their most sacred innate natural gifts in order to pursue equality in the workplace.

Not every woman is required to be a mom. It’s a choice to be a mom. But no woman that chooses to be a mom should have to listen to other women and especially men tell them that they aren’t doing enough for society. It’s complete bologna. You know we’ve got problems when the leader of our nation is saying things like this:

Sometimes, someone, usually Mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves her earning a lower wage for the rest of her life as a result. That’s not a choice we want Americans to make.”

Creating public pre-school, Obama explained, was not only “good for families” but “good for the children.”

Wait…so you’re telling me that it’s ideal to give our preschoolers over to a public institution so that mom can be a “full and equal participant in our economy?”

Exactly whose children did you think this would be good for…and since when did a politician gain the right to decide what is best for our children?

In case you haven’t realized this…not all women want to be like Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi.

Some women leave the workforce completely because they believe that what they’re doing at home is more important than anything they could do in “the workforce” and their husbands back them up. How is there any better way to “contribute to the economy” than to raise the future leaders of our nation correctly. Do you really think that the government can replace a mom at home?

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Children are being born and then labeled as a burden to be cast aside almost from birth. “Hey mom…get yourself together and get back into the workplace. You’ve got money to make, taxes to pay, and equality to gain. Hurry up…your wasting time…and oh by the way…think twice before you have anymore kids. That little bump in your stomach set you back at least 6 months.”

Some babies don’t even make it past the the dreadful abortion clinic because of this mentality. But can you expect anything else when the leader of the nation tells the young women of the nation that “they shouldn’t be punished with a baby” if they decide to have sex.

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When did babies become a punishment and when did it become scoff-able for women to want to take care of their babies.

Here’s the truth: Without mothers raising kids of character…we’ll have no economy.  We should engrave that on the walls of the oval office so that no president ever forgets that.

If it wasn’t for a brave mother in the 1800’s named Sally Bush…President Obama probably wouldn’t be the President right now. Heck…we might not even have a nation right now. Speaking of Sally;

“When she was faced with all kinds of other options and challenges…her first thought was the obvious one: go back home. But she looked at the children, especially the younger, a boy whose melancholy gaze met hers. For a moment she looked while a great spirit subdued the passions of the flesh and then, rolling up her sleeves, she quietly spoke immortal words which ought to be engraven on every parent or teacher’s heart: “I’ll stay for the sake of this boy.”

“Oh, Sally Bush, what a treasure trembled in the balance that day,” wrote one whose mother was a neighbor of the boy. And Sally Bush didn’t know, when she looked at that melancholy face of ten years, that her stepson would someday save this nation, heal a generational breech, and become the immortal Abraham Lincoln. She uttered what should be engraven on every parent or teacher’s heart, “I’ll stay for the sake of this boy.” (That Our Children May Know)

If a woman wants to work…I have no problem with it. Lots of great women do it. People have got to do what they’ve got to do and sometimes situations don’t allow otherwise. But don’t make a stay at home mom feel like they’re somehow choosing an inferior path or that she’s not an equal participant in our society. It’s garbage.

These moms go through heck. They could go get jobs and their lives would probably be a lot less stressful. Many of them are very skilled in various fields….but they “stay for the sake of this boy or girl” with the hope that they can raise the next Abraham Lincoln.

Please…media…leaders…influential people…think about what you’re saying before you devalue the work that a mom does within the home…because no one could do it better.

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