The Science behind “Feeling the Holy Ghost”

There might not be anything more absurd to an atheist, than when a Christian says, “I’m feeling the Holy Ghost”. Whaaaaaa! Are you kidding?!…screams the atheist. You’re telling me that there is some being somewhere called the Holy Ghost that is recording all of our thoughts, words, and actions while simultaneously influencing and dwelling within each and every one of us? This is an atheist’s go to pitch against those crazy religionists.

But maybe we’re not so crazy after all. Maybe “feeling the Holy Ghost” is scientific! Regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof, please just hear me out!

We believe that the Holy Ghost is a personage of Spirit and that his primary role is to communicate and testify of truth. He was and is called the “Comforter” by Jesus Christ. Because Christ cannot always be physically with us to inspire us, He assigned the Holy Ghost to teach and to testify and to comfort us.

So…how does the Holy Ghost comfort us? In order to understand this, we first need to understand who we are and who the Holy Ghost is.


We are spiritual beings and we’re filled with light. Light is something that can carry information. That is a scientific truth and it is used everyday through the use of fiber optics. Our spirits came from God and we were sent to this earth filled with light and intelligence. John 1:9 talks about the “light of Christ” that is given to every human being that comes to this earth. That light is either enlarged or diminished by the decisions we make. Joseph Fielding Smith’s favorite scripture was D&C 50:24 wherein it says that “he that receiveth light, and continueth in God receiveth more light.” Our spirits crave light because that is what they were used to in the presence of our Heavenly Father. We were cut off from the presence of our Father. That means no communication with Him…so how can we ever know and recognize truth with so much confusion around us? Jesus Christ’s role was to come and redeem us and to show us the way back to Heavenly Father. The role of the Holy Ghost was to communicate light and intelligence and to guide us in the direction that Christ pointed us.

The Holy Ghost is not an essence. He is a personage of Spirit.  He does not break himself into a billion little pieces and “dwell inside each of us.” That doesn’t even make sense to me when people say that… and that is why atheists have a field day with that claim. Like he’s  just hanging out with me inside of my body…but then in my neighbors body at the same time. C’mon. I can understand the atheistic confusion.

The Holy Ghost is in charge of dispensing knowledge and truth to us… but how is he doing that? How does it get to us? It seems incomprehensible…

But wait a minute! Do you realize that you witness that phenomenon take place each and every day. In fact, you’re experiencing it right now as you read this article. If you are reading this from a wireless laptop, you have something in your laptop called a wireless NIC (Network Interface Card). Some of you might be using your city’s or school’s wifi. You could be using whats called a Wireless MAN or a Wireless Metropolitan Area Network. Thousands of computers are being “influenced” by a central source called a router. You cannot see the information that is being passed with your natural eyes, but your computer can “feel” it…and interpret it. The router draws upon an almost infinite amount of information and disseminates that information according to each computer’s request. “Ask and ye shall receive”…right?

I earned my degree in computer information systems and I was fascinated with networking. I loved the basic structure of the OSI model and how information was stripped down and rebuilt in order to be passed from computer to computer. I studied fiber and the principles of light. I studied wireless technologies and the implementation of huge wireless networks. I realized that what we take for granted on a daily basis, was something that was laughed at and considered unfathomable by atheists. Mankind has implemented the same technology that many of us laugh at God for claiming to use. Hundreds of millions of people around the globe today utilize wireless technologies to send information back and forth through the air on invisible channels to a central source (a router) that is regulating the flow of information from an almost unlimited source of information, (a server). We can ask Google’s servers for almost anything we want to know, and if we’re on the right channel, and we have the right “ports” open, we receive answers back. Most of the time, because of the advent and portability of wireless laptops, tablets, and smart phones… we receive this communication through an invisible medium. Many of us don’t even understand how it works…but yet we KNOW that it works! Even the hardcore physicists don’t understand what light is. They just know that it exists. Now light is being used as the fastest and most reliable means for transmitting information across networks.

I commonly and respectfully refer to the Holy Ghost as a “giant wifi router in the sky”. Think about it! It makes perfect sense…and if humans can create a small device that can record all of the “thoughts, words, and deeds” of a computer, then imagine what a God can do! Are we not all computers of sorts? Is not our brain an instrument used to process data and interpret information? Do you realize that even our thoughts emit measurable energy that can be recorded on sophisticated enough devices? We look at a satellite and the fact that it can send us a live streaming video of something that is happening on the other side of the planet in real time and don’t even bat an eye…but tell someone that there is a God in Heaven and a Holy Ghost that can influence, teach and comfort people around the globe and you’re looked at as a lunatic.

So how does the Holy Ghost work?

God tells us that if you ask Him if something is right, He will cause your “bosom to burn within you”, and that you will “feel” that it is right. But… if it’s not right, you won’t have those feelings. In fact, you’ll have a “stupor of thought,” that will cause you to forget the thing which was wrong.

Can this be explained scientifically? Sure it can.

You ask Heavenly Father for knowledge. He defer’s to the Holy Ghost because that is His role. The Holy Ghost ensures that you are “on the right channel” or…worthy to receive knowledge. If you are on the right channel, you’ll receive “pure intelligence flowing into you”. Because your spirit craves light and intelligence, it will begin to illuminate and you’ll begin to shine through your mortal skin. The bosom was anciently known as your inner most core. It is more closely related with your stomach. Our bodies are considered a temple, and temples were considered anciently to be the “Omphalos” or center of the earth. The hub, or the “navel” where nourishment was received from our earthly and heavenly parents. The bosom represents the part of you that is beneath your physical body, giving life and nourishment to your body. As intelligence and light begins to cleave unto your spirit, it naturally would create heat… which would justify the saying that your “bosom would burn within you”. That good feeling you have is your spirit thanking your physical body for making decisions that open up the flow of communication from the Holy Ghost to your spirit. The Holy Ghost then uses the “Ether” (formerly called) or  “Dark Matter”, or the physical essence that all scientists agree are “in all things and through all things and round about all things” in this universe as a medium to send intelligence/light/information/data, and to testify of truth. That light within you “groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day” if you are making decisions that keep an open static free channel to the Holy Ghost at all times. Remember how Moses was so bright that he was blinding people as he came down the mountain after having conversed with God “face to face”? He received so much light and intelligence from God that his soul was illuminated and his bosom was burning. Light cleaved unto light. He described God as a “consuming fire”. As we become more and more like God, that same fire within our bosom will burn brighter and brighter. We will feel it. We may not be able to describe it, but you will know it. Remember how Joseph Smith in the sacred grove recorded that he thought that the leaves of the trees were going to catch fire from the Father and the Son? Or the Angel Moroni filling the house with light? The Lord dwells in “everlasting burnings” which makes the phenomenon of the burning of the bosom even more understandable scientifically.

Conversely, if something is wrong or you’ve made decisions that put you out of alignment with the Spirit, you’ll be on the wrong channel and you’ll only be able to hear static… or get a “page cannot be displayed” error. The “check your connection” error is something all of us have seen before! This is what causes the stupor of thought. Because light and intelligence cannot reach  your spirit, your spirit will begin to declare war on your body. That is why you feel so physically horrible when you make decisions contrary to what you know is right. Your spirit is grieved…and is trying to tell you “Wait! don’t do that! I want to stay on the same channel as the Holy Ghost so that I can continue to receive more light, but your decisions are prohibiting that from happening.” The stupor of thought begins to set in because your spirit’s light is dimming. The spirit and the body together make the soul, and when the spirit and body are not in harmony, darkness and confusion sets in on the soul and the result is a stupor of thought. The instrument of your mind has been hindered because the source of all truth is only static to you now. What good is a laptop that can receive no communication from it’s source of intelligence. “It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be trodden under the foot of men.”

And there you have it! The science behind “feeling the Holy Ghost”. It is an actual science…because true religion and true science never contradict. God is the great scientist and he works within the bounds of natural laws. The next time you see 35,000 people in Angel stadium on their cell phones talking, texting, and sending pictures to Instagram and Facebook, remember that those people are sending loads of “invisible” information back to a very sophisticated device and it is being recorded somewhere. The function of the Holy Ghost doesn’t seem so incomprehensible anymore does it… Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t go to the source of all truth and get answers…because it is scientific and it works.


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