Your Perspective Is What Determines Your Happiness

February 7th 2015 – Saturday

It’s amazing how spoiled we get in our minds. The things that we allow ourselves to be bugged at are 99% ridiculous. Today…I got in my truck at 5:30am and drove down to T Street in San Clemente. I listened to Truman Madsen the whole way down and had the heater on. It was peaceful, and warm, and relaxing. When I got to T Street, I got out of the truck and met up with about 20 friends that were also surfing that day. I threw on a wetsuit and grabbed my board. I ate a juicy piece of fruit and chugged some nice filtered “smart” water. I headed out into perfect 4-6 foot waves with a bunch of friends.

So after I was done surfing…it was on to La Jolla for a little birthday party at the Cove. As I got down there I was immediately perturbed at the fact that there were so many people and nowhere to park. I complained in my mind that I would have to park so far away and walk. That I’d have to shove my board inside of my truck. That I didn’t have the “right” shoes for walking.


Such garbage. I sat there in my truck after having found a parking spot and rebuked myself for being such an idiot. Here I was finding things to complain about when I had so much to be grateful for. Here I was in a place that most people would only dream about…complaining that I’d “have to walk” a few miles. Here I was complaining when it was Early February and 80 degrees out with a slight breeze.

Why was I in such a hurry? How could I find something to complain about? There are people in the middle east being hunted by terrorists. There are people in Africa that haven’t eaten in a week. There are people confined to wheelchairs or battling terminal diseases that would do anything to get outside their hospital room and “walk a mile to the beach”.

I had the strong impression today that I should never let complaining thoughts creep into my mind again regardless of the perceived inconvenience. What I perceive as an inconvenience would be nothing short of a fantasy for 99% of the rest of the people on the planet. I was disgusted with myself and my twisted perception of reality in that moment.

Never again!

No matter what I’m doing, I’m convinced that I should always focus on what is right and good instead of emphasizing some kind of perceived inconvenience. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can find something negative to emphasize and dwell upon thus overshadowing the good that surrounds us.

Your perspective is what determines your happiness!

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