It’s Not Logical To Remove God From Your Life

Millennials in general are the generation that is pushing for an ever more God-less world. That’s not just my opinion. The major research polls on Millennials are telling the story. It seems strange that this is the generation that is surrounded with the greatest access to learning, technological advances, and intelligence that the world has ever seen. Its like the more logical the world becomes…the more illogical it becomes.

god from life

In 1802, the well known “Paley’s watch argument” gives an analogy of a man walking on the beach and stumbling upon a beautifully crafted watch. Not only was the watch perfectly made, but the watch was working as well.  Tick, tick, tick…anyone in their right mind would never suppose that the watch assembled itself through blind chance. Even if the watch did somehow assemble itself, you’ve got to then ask yourself the question…”who wound it up” and set it into motion. I’m sure watches were complex enough in 1802 for Paley to prove his point but if we fast forward to the year 2016, it’s even more mind boggling.

Let’s replace Paley’s watch with the brand new “smart watch” of your choice. If you stumbled upon one of these watches with all of its wondrous technology, would you ever in your right mind even consider that this watch assembled itself through blind chance? No logical person would even consider it. They would assume that there had to be a designer of the watch that assembled the parts, wrote the operating system to talk to the hardware, and then set it into motion.

intelligent designer

Paley’s watch pales in comparison to a “smart” watch in regards to complexity…and yet still, a smart watch pales in comparison to the complexity of nature we see around us every day. The shear act of reading this blog or listening to a podcast is a feat that cannot be replicated or explained by scientists. To have words mean something to you through an instrument called an eye, and have information processed immediately in the brain, and have that information create emotion throughout your body is a miracle. A miracle that cannot be replicated or explained by teams of even the best engineers in the world.

So here’s a quick story about a guy by the name of Korihor that really wanted to get rid of God. He went around making fun of everyone else for believing. He said that the people were foolish for having a hope in Christ or in God. He said that their belief was “the effect of a frenzied mind: and this derangement of their minds comes because of the traditions of their fathers.”

He continued to spout off what we would call Darwinian evolution or “natural selection.” He said that there could be no atonement for sins and that all of us “prospered according to our genius, and that we all conquered according to our strength.” He said that we could commit no crime because there was no God to whom we should be accountable to.

Korihor acted as if he couldn’t see the miraculousness of the world that surrounded him. He removed God from his mind and created of himself, a god. He caused others to “lift up their heads in wickedness, leading away many men and women” to commit sexual sins telling them that “when a man died…that was the end thereof.” He convinced them that it didn’t matter what they did because they were just going to return to the dirt and become fertilizer having no memory of even existing. He took away all hope of a future life and essentially told them to “live it up” while you’re here.

It was all a garbage filled lie.

So another guy named Alma confronted this Korihor guy and asked him in so many words what his stinking problem was. Alma couldn’t understand why this guy wanted to get rid of God so bad. So Korihor started to question Alma by asking for evidence of a God. Alma said a lot of things to Korihor but none might be as poignant as these seven words.

“All things denote there is a God”

Alma continued. “Yea even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea and its motion, yea and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator.”

After a lot more trouble for Korihor, he finally admitted that he “always knew there was a God” but that the things he taught were “pleasing to the carnal mind.” He did what so many people in our day do by shoving God into non-existence so that they can act however they want. Their initial desire to “be free” to act however they want backfires into a world of carnal bondage and hopelessness unlike they ever could have imagined.

Our mere existence…in every detail is all the evidence I need to believe in an intelligent designer. The basic cell, being the “the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism” is invisible to the naked eye and has been compared to a well orchestrated factory. There are approximately 37 trillion of these microscopic self-replicating factories keeping you alive. If you were to discard all that we know of the expanding and complex universe with all of its billions and trillions of galaxies and study only the human body, you can’t help but believe in a designer who knew what He was doing.

Every doubt conjured up by science and philosophy can never replace the simple and logical observation of one of his faithful creations. The evidence is right in front of each of our faces. So don’t be like Korihor. Don’t be the guy that tries to get rid of God. It’s just not logical.

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