What Elder Holland Prays For Every Day

Recently I passed through Nauvoo, and it reminded me of an interesting story told by a member of a past Nauvoo temple presidency. Personally, I’ve always wondered what an apostle prays for on a daily basis, so my ears perked up when this man mentioned what Elder Holland said in Nauvoo that he prayed for every day. 

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I could of guessed a few things he might pray for on a daily basis. I’d imagine he prays continually for his wife and his family. I’d further assume he’s praying for President Monson and the rest of his brethren, many of whom have probably become his very best friends. I’d venture to guess that he’s seeking revelation on his assignments and stewardships and pouring his heart out to God on behalf of Church members. I’m sure there are many other things he prays for. But this one thing…really got me thinking as I considered the current predicament our nation and world is in.

“Elder Holland told us that he prays every day for the second coming of Jesus Christ.” said the man. 

He stopped talking for a minute and the silence allowed for what he said to sink in. As I sat there, I began to consider the implications of that statement. 

First of all, It gave me even more confidence in Elder Holland as an apostle of Christ. I want to follow leaders who yearn to be with the Savior. While some people, as the scripture says, are asking for the “rocks to fall upon them” in order to hide themselves from the presence of the Lord, Elder Holland is looking forward in anticipation to the day in which he can see His face and feel his embrace. Someone like that must be giving their all to living a life that is pleasing to God. 

Second, it gave me a glimpse into how an apostle perceives the days in which we live. It’s got to be exhausting for them to see and hear of the many issues plaguing members of the church and the people of the world. 

Recently a member of the seventy came to speak in our stake. He told of a story when Elder and Sister Holland were getting ready at their house and there was a terrible thunderstorm outside. There was lightning and wind and things crashing all around them. Sister Holland, probably half joking, said to Elder Holland, “Is this the end?” in reference to the second coming. While neither of them probably believed it was the second coming, Elder Holland’s response gave an affirmation to what his daily prayers consist of. 

“Wouldn’t it be nice?” he asked in response to Sister Holland.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Christ were on his way? 

From a couple different reputable sources now…I’ve gathered that Elder Holland, one of the strongest of God’s leaders here on earth is looking daily for the return of the Savior. You can’t help but agree with him. With all that’s going on right now in the world…wouldn’t it be nice to have Christ reign personally upon the earth. We need him to set things right. There was never a time in the world when Christ’s personal leadership was more needed. The majorities are beginning to choose evil over good in selecting leaders of nations. Morality and values are being tossed out the window and replaced with the selfish ambitions of wicked men and women. The lack of humility in our nation and in our world is astounding.

It’s hard to see it this way, but seeing the signs of His coming should make us happy. Not sad. Not scared.  Jesus told of the latter-day struggle. The wickedness, the natural calamities, the desolations and the flat-out stubbornness of the people on earth. And after describing all of those struggles, he noticed that His “disciples were troubled.” (D&C 45:35) So Jesus said to them, “Be not troubled, for when all these things shall come to pass, ye may know that the promises which have been made unto you shall be fulfilled.

Maybe that’s why Elder Holland is always smiling…and patiently but earnestly praying for the return of the only one that can make things right again. 

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