Dear Planned Parenthood…You’re Not Choosing The Right

Dear Planned Parenthood –

I know this won’t really matter to you but if you were to by some chance open the Bible, you might find a verse in Isaiah that says this: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

I know what you might say. The Bible is just so old fashioned…right?  You may even say it was made up. But whatever you say about the Bible and Isaiah’s words won’t change the fact that what you do and what you stand for is a sin against nature and against humanity. I generally don’t write when I’m frustrated because my goal is to always stay positive online. But this is just insanity. I open my news feed today and see that you ripped off one of the hallmark songs of my childhood and one of the defining tenets of the faith I hold so dear.

planned parenthood CTR

How sick and twisted can a marketing campaign get? I don’t know how familiar you are with Mormonism…but primary kids all around the world are singing the song “Choose the Right” almost every Sunday while they sit in church and strive to learn how to become good human beings and responsible adults. I’m pretty sure you knew that given the replica of the CTR logo you’ve dropped on the front of your new stack of condoms. You have in every way imaginable fulfilled Isaiah’s words by taking something that good and pure and encouraging premarital sex with it.

Just curious…to what audience were all those condoms intended?

“Choose the right when a choice is placed before you”…the song begins with. The song advocates “choice.” You like? Those little primary children are being taught to make the right choice! Now you’ve hijacked that phrase and inverted it’s meaning. The problem is that the choices you advocate for infringe upon the rights of others. It prohibits others from ever being able to make any kind of “choice” in the future.

When I served as a missionary, I heard a lot of confessions. Out of all those confessions…there was one that stood out above the rest. We had been teaching a woman about Christ for a about a month. She lived in a very bad neighborhood and was surrounded by temptations and struggles. We couldn’t figure it out, but it was as if she had been carrying a weight around on her shoulders and she couldn’t wait to be rid of it. Then one day…she decided she couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get this monumental burden off her chest. She sat us down and began to unfold to us her experience of having an abortion. I’ll never forget the feeling I got in my stomach as I listened to the anguish this woman had in her soul from that decision and experience.

She started to describe the barbaric process she went through in order to get the baby out of her. They “used a vacuum” she said. She continued to explain. “I could hear the baby being sucked out…chunk by chunk. We were worried because they didn’t know if they were able to get it all out.”

planned parenthood CTR

She’s had to live with being a participant of that. She’s had to live with the sound of her baby being savagely ripped out of her. She’ll never forget that…and it was destroying her from the inside. She had never comprehended the repercussions of that decision because the world lied to her and told her it was acceptable…and even commonplace.

When you hand out condoms…with the saying to “choose the right” on the front, you have already assumed that premarital sex is the right “choice.” All that’s left is to make the choice to wear a condom or not. Right? So “CTR” you say. Throw on a condom…and if it breaks…we’ll be here to set you free from your “consequence.” Never mind the mental and emotional scars that take place after virtue is gone. Never mind the road that choice takes people down. Never mind the crabs, and AIDS, and gonorrhea.

I had to work in a medical building that housed one of your clinics. There was never anything “right” about the looks on the faces of those women that had to walk in and out of those doors. Fear on the way in. Shear sadness, regret, and depression on the way out.

So let me tell you. If you want to help people “choose the right,” then encourage them to find true love, commitment, and loyalty and then exercise their God given gift of procreation within the bonds of marriage. If your goal as an organization is to help people…and especially women, then don’t hand out condoms with a church’s trademarked logo on them.

That is not “choosing the right”…

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