If You’re Going to Be A Christian…Then Act Like It!

I’ve got a small challenge for anyone who calls themselves a Christian. Here it is…

Don’t treat people like dirt…and then expect them to want to join your church.

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If you’re going to drive around in your cool truck giving the middle finger to everyone that doesn’t drive fast enough for you…then don’t sport a “NOTW” (Not of this world) sticker on your back window. When you do that…you’re definitely “of this world”.

If you’ve got a cross hanging from your review mirror…then don’t ride my rear end, flash your lights, and yell obscenities at me as you pass me by. You’re dishonoring the man that hung on that cross for me and you.

I don’t care whether you’re Catholic, Evangelical, Reformed Christian, Methodist, Mormon, Pentecostal, or Baptist! If you’re going to believe in the Bible and profess that you’re one of Jesus’s disciples…then start acting like it. Its almost laughable when I see people at church treating others as if they were mortal enemies. Talking trash behind others backs, “digging a pit” for others, silently wishing for their failure, and coveting their possessions. It’s unreal to me.

There’s nothing wrong with a healthy debate among people of the same or different denominations…but when you end up wanting to punch the other person and persist in holding an eternal grudge…then you’ve forgotten what Christ and Christianity is all about.

A friend of mine told me a story about three coworkers. This is a true story…and I don’t want to get my friend in trouble so I’ll keep their names private.

For now…we’ll call them Mike, Jason, and Bob.

Mike and Jason are dedicated Christians. They did everything that would indicate that they were Christians by todays standards. They put Bible verses on their desks, posted Christian messages on Facebook and Twitter, and went to church each week to send Hallelujahs upward into heaven.

Bob on the other hand, had no idea who Jesus was. He hadn’t read the Bible and hadn’t “been saved” yet. Bob was so nice and respectful to everyone that he came in contact with. That was just how he was.

But Mike and Jason really wanted Bob to “get saved.” They’d always ask Bob to come to church with them…and they probably couldn’t understand why he’d never take them up on their offer.

Well…one day Bob talked to my friend and told him about how Mike and Jason were always trying to get him to go to church with them. Bob said something to my friend that I believe sums up the many sorry attempts Christians make at doing true missionary work.

Bob said… “Why would I want to go to Church with them? They treat me and everyone else around them so bad. Why would I want to be a part of that?”

You’ve got to see Bob’s point.

“If your church teaches you how to treat people…then why should I go to your church?” Bob must have thought.

If you’re going to be a Christian…then start representing! Stop moping around…giving people attitude…and complaining about every little thing that throws off your day. People are watching you.

How do you think you’ll ever be able to convince someone that they should investigate Christianity if their only interaction with Christianity is poor old you and your negative outlook on things?   Have you ever considered that you’re actually hurting Christ more than helping him with how you treat other people? Do you think that showing up on Sunday and listening to the band or singing in the choir is going to bring others to Christ?

Christ said that you should “let your light so shine” so that others will want come unto Him.

Instead…you’re like a walking fire hydrant extinguishing any light that might be burning faintly within others.

So if you call yourself a Christian…then just start loving others and overlooking their faults. Quit trying to make everyone else pay for their sins. God’s got that under control. Become ambassadors of mercy instead heavenly bounty hunters and you’ll never have to beg someone to listen to your message about Christ again.

They’ll already be listening…


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