A Huge Thank You To Each MoTab Singer Who Has Decided To Stay And Sing

If I didn’t have the worst singing voice known to mankind, and I was talented enough to earn a spot with the Tabernacle Choir, I would sing with all my heart at the Presidential Inauguration. Here’s why.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is America’s choir. Of course they should sing at the Presidential Inauguration. They are not necessarily singing for Donald Trump. They are singing for America. But even if they were singing for Donald Trump… would it be so much worse than so many of the other immoral men that have graced that presidency and defiled that White House with their immoral actions, extra-marital affairs, and perpetual dishonesty?


Look… I’ll be honest. I didn’t vote for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else on my ballot when it came to president for that matter. I loathed… no, I gagged on both choices. I did vote… but when it came to voting for President, I was completely paralyzed while standing at the booth. Judge me if you will… but I couldn’t bring myself to throw my support behind any candidate. I did not view either of them as leaders I would want to follow. I pride myself on choosing good leaders to follow… and so I withheld my vote on principle alone. Many people would argue that was stupid, and that I could have at least voted for the lesser of two evils. Maybe they’re right, but I made a personal political decision to stay neutral.

That was politics… but when it comes to being a missionary, or as Christ said, “letting your light so shine” before mankind… we are required to be “no respecter of persons” as the scripture states. I may not vote Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president, but I would still knock on their door, Book of Mormon in hand, smile on my face, light of Christ in my heart… and love for whoever decided to open that front door. I would mow their lawn, paint their fence, help them move furniture, feed their horses or sing at their inauguration any day of the week if it meant that I could in some way bring the Spirit of the Lord into their lives.

Is there anyone in the presidential congregation that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir could sing for that is worse than King Lamoni, or the pre-converted missionaries that eventually went and preached to King Lamoni. What if Ammon and Aaron were like, “No… we’re not going to go to Lamoni and the Laminites because they are the very vilest of sinners.” Instead… they went to them because they were the very vilest of sinners. (Mosiah 28:3-4) Christ said over and over again that the “whole need not the physician… but they that are sick.” Also… “I came not to call the righteous to repentance, but the wicked.”

Who at that inauguration could be worse than Paul as he stood by and held the clothes of his buddies while they murdered the disciple Steven? (Acts 7:55-56)  Yet… we quote Paul in the churches of America possibly more than any other apostle. Who knows when someone might repent and change. One thing is certain… withdrawing one’s self from an opportunity to let their light shine is not in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ. He needs lights on a hill… not candles under a bushel.

So here we are in the world… this great church… with this great choir. But one of the Mormon Tabernacle choir singers decided to make a public statement and quit on principle. What we have now is one person who has stolen the show and is receiving a great deal of fame and attention while each of the other members of the Mormon Tabernacle choir who have decided to sing for America and let their light shine for all the world to see, are overlooked, forgotten, and possibly even shamed by people. 

So let me just give a huge thank you to all of the brave and loving Mormon Tabernacle Choir singers who are bringing their time, talents, and abilities to the American people regardless of their political views or judgments on other people’s personal righteousness. The spirit that comes from your voices might just be the antidote to all that is wrong with our country. Some key person somewhere might be touched by your faith and service… and maybe… just maybe that person or group of people will be instrumental in protecting and defending the gospel in the Latter-days.


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